Meet the Winners

2020 National Students of the Year Winners

In 2020, friends Naggena Ohri, 16 and Neelam Shah, 15 carried on the legacy of team Fly4aCure, breaking the National fundraising record and earning the title of "National Students of the Year."

As part of their campaign, the unstoppable duo from southern Maryland, tapped into their creative side and executed a wildly successful multicultural music and dance show that showcased a wide array of talented performers in an evening celebration of diversity and hope.

2020 National Runners-Up

Team Just Cure It 2.0 also raised the bar in 2020 and carried on the legacy of the 2019 national winning team by recording the second-highest amount raised in Students of the Year's history.

Friends Harrison Berger, 15, Alexandra Gatoff, 15, and Jake Gershwind, 15 of Long Island, inspired a large team of dedicated team members to earn the title of National Runners-Up.

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